Our network of tax experts

"Ask us your questions! Either we know the answer, or we know somebody who knows the answer."

While we may know a lot...
We are an entrepreneurial tax consultancy. In order to scatter our areas of knowledge and experience as widely as possible, we resort to a ramified network of experts. Meanwhile, this network consists of eleven tax consultancies throughout Germany.
Our network meets four times a year for an exchange of experiences and for professional development. Occasionally, we also invite external experts to our meetings. Apart from that, we organise temporary replacements to cover vacation and sickness absences via the network. We also provide each other with mutual assistance in our daily business, when our clients have specific questions.
Therefore, we would be pleased if you contact us also with more specific questions.
...the network knows even more!

Our network at a glance:

tax consultancy Esther Bergenrodt, Frechen

tax consultancy Karin Neuwirth, Reinheim

tax consultancy Markus and Jasmin Eck, Mannheim

tax consultancy Daniela Sandrowski, Voerde

tax consultancy Dimitrios Papatheodorou, Mannheim

tax consultancy Katja Pfeiffer, Hanover

tax consultancy Margit Schönau, Filderstadt

tax consultancy Jan Seiffert, Ingelheim

tax consultancy Enesa Gec, Bensheim

logo kanzlei distelTax consultancy Dr. Distel - tax consultant and lawyer in Ostfildern
We perform the services that you expect of your tax consultant. This includes a comprehensive support with your tax declaration, the conscientious execution or your accounting processes as well as the preparation of your financial statements.
As we are combining tax and legal expertise, we can also provide you advice. Our main focus lies on questions concerning law of inheritance, company law as well as further questions of commercial law.


dr distelDr. Joachim Distel
tax consultant and lawyer



von wedelstaedtTax consultant VON WEDELSTAEDT | Tax consultancy in Munich
The modern tax consultancy in Munich Schwabing - advisory expertise by experience. Steuerberater Von Wedelstaedt
With a sound and regularly updated expert knowledge, we offer you all kinds of services concerning tax and business matters. As a tax consultancy in Munich Schwabing, we have an extensive client base in different fields of consulting.


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