Real estate and capital assets

In all honesty – do you understand the annexe KAP? It is a highly complicated form, but it can save you a lot of annoyance and further enquiries if applied correclty. We take care of the entries for you! And even in spite of the settlement tax, under certain conditions we can help you to obtain a tax refund.
Don't forget the tax notification issued by your bank!
Please request a tax notification of your bank in time. Without the tax notification, the important crediting of the withholding tax is not possible.
Do you incur losses in the framework of your income upon investments?
Please request a loss statement of your bank for the current year by the 15th of December of that year at the latest, because otherwise the loss statement will not be issued any more.

Property owners

Property owners also have considerably more possibilities to claim tax-allowable expenses than is commonly supposed.
We will be pleased to advise you around the topic of your income from rent and lease. We calculate the acquisition costs of your real property and estimate the assessment basis of depreciation as well as the depreciation allowance of your real property for you, and we fill in the annexe V of your income tax statement for you. Before filing the form with the tax and revenue office, you receive a comprehensive calculation of the income you generate from your real property.
In doing so, we consider your income-related expenses and calculate your maintenance costs. Did you know, that these costs can also be spread over several years? We calculate the ideal fiscal distribution and, in doing so, present the different possibilities. Of course, that also involves that we consider your remaining revenues and the anticipated development of the next years. These are the advantages of a tax consultant's assistance. We keep track of your fiscal circumstances and advise you comprehensively.
You submit your bills and receipts to us – and we take care for the rest. You do not need do fill any forms anymore.

My advice:
If you wish to be informed about all the fiscal possiblities, please request my "house call"-service, and I will call on you at your place, in the privacy of your home.