Donating and inheriting

In this field, there are various design possibilities. When it comes to donating for instance, it is more tax-efficient if you proceed in successive stages. We will be glad to explain you in a personal conversation how this works.
Inheritance and gift: Plan well in time and thus save taxes
Inheritance and gift taxes always applies, when assets are transferred without consideration and when the value of the assets exeeds the tax-exempt allowances. These allowances depend on the family relationship between donor and donee.

We answer you all your questions, such as:

  • Which asset transfers will be taxed?
  • Which transfers remain exempt from tax?
  • How much are the personal tax allowances?
  • How high are the tax rates?
  • How do the fiscal authorities calculate in case of several donations within ten years?
  • How will real estate and properties be evaluated?
  • When do you have to inform the fiscal authorities about a gift or an inheritance?
  • When do you have to file an inheritance tax return?
  • How can you save inheritance tax through a skilful design?
  • How do I write my will in an ideal way?
  • How can I save inheritance tax through lifelong rights of use?
  • Here are a few examples for tax saving designs:
  • Donate in stages: If, in case of inheritance, the assets exeed the tax allowances, parents can transfer parts of their assets early on. If more than ten years pass up until the case of inheritance, the tax allowances become reinstated and can be used again.
  • When you are a married couple, distribute your assets evenly: If only one spouse possesses the main part of the assets and the other spouse has only very few assets, the spouses can redistribute their possession among each other early on. By doing so, the tax allowances of both spouses can be used ideally in the case of a transfer of assets to the children.
  • Donate directly to your grandchildren: In the case of greater assets, the tax burden can be reduced considerably by involving several generations into the transfer processes. By doing so, you can also make use of your grandchildren's tax allowances.