Senior citizens

Recipients of pension income
The treasury also examines pension income of previous years. For the first time, the tax authorities are linked to the retirement pension institutions and thus your revenues are disclosed.
If you paid a flat rate withholding tax to your bank, we can even ensure that you receive a tax refund. Do you receive one or several company pensions? You are also obliged to declare them to the tax authority. But we can also arrange that the paid income tax will be taken into account. Please bring the notices of the amount of your pension and your income tax notifications to the consultation and please request a tax notification from your bank in case you received interest rates.
Important: Whether you have to file a tax return also depends on the amount of your taxable income. Your taxable income does not only consist of your pension income from the German statutory pension insurance scheme, but also of further revenues such as for instance rental income or company pensions. Please submit us all your revenutes, and we will calculate a possible tax liability.

My advice:
Please have your tax liability checked in advance in order to find tax deduction possibilities. By doing so, you can optimise your tax revenue. Please call us and arrange an appointment without commitment!